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Gretsch RN-2-E604-SOP,Silver Oyster Pearl

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Vörunúmer: GR805092

The Renown Maple has been known as a workhorse for several decades - one of the most versatile drum ranges ever made, with its ability to handle pretty much every genre of music - Jazz, Swing, Rock or Pop, both in studio or on a stage. Made in Taiwan under highest quality standards, the series provides significant Gretsch features: 7-ply maple shells, 30° bearing edge, 'Silver Sealer' interior shell alloy, solid '302' steel hopps and Remo USA heads. You cannot get closer to the sound of the big, American original! Its highly harmonic, open sound gives the drums the needed flexibility to meet the demands of modern studio and touring drummers. 7-ply maple shell 30° bearing edge Gretsch 'Silver Sealer' inner shell coating Gretsch '302' steel hoop 'Low Profile' tom mounting system Bass drums with round Gretsch tom brackets Chrome hardware Remo heads Shell set 10" x 7" TT, 12" x 8" TT, 14" x 14" FT, 20" x 16" BD Double tom holder included RN2-E604 Without cymbals