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MEINL Marathon Classic Tumba 12" conga, coffee burst

75.800 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: MCC1212CB

The MEINL Percussion Marathon® Classic Series Congas set the standard in the semi-professional conga community. Their warm and defined sound is enjoyed all over the world. Features: Steely-II-patents: L-shaped leg and metal spike attachment (DE,TH,US patent) Ergonomic arched rubber bracing (CN,DE,TH,US patent) Notches for quick height adjustability (DE patent) Lugs: 8 mm strong tuning lugs Rims: 2.6 mm Rounded Rim Type: SSR Diameter Tumba: 12.5″ Height Conga: 30″ Includes: Steely II Conga Stand (patented) MEINL Conga Saver (TH, US patent) Accessory Pouch L-shaped Tuning Key Tune-up Oil