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Meinl 20" Wind Gong

35.000 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: WG-TT20

MEINL Sonic Energy Wind Gong - 20" / 50 cm incl. beater and cover (WG-TT20)" The MEINL Wind Gongs are traditionally handcrafted in China by using a special bronze alloy. These gongs are also known under the name Feng or Sun Gong. The shape is almost flat, and due to this the vibration of the gong spreads out extremely wide with a long sustain. The sound characteristic is mainly low pitched, and by playing the gong more powerfully it opens up nicely with sizzling overtones. Available sizes start at 12"/30 cm and increase to 48"/120 cm in diameter. This gong ships with a beater designed to correspond with the gong size, and a cover.