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Laka VUC30 Concert Ukulele m/poka

19.900 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: VUC30

Laka Concert Ukulele m. poka From sitting around the camp fire, to the biggest stages, the Laka concert size ukulele is a first choice for many players around the world. With a larger body than the soprano, concert ukuleles deliver size-defying volume, projection, and a big response within the lower and midrange frequencies, along with all the honey sweet highs associated with Laka ukuleles. The Laka VUC30 Concert Ukulele is perfect for new comers to the never ending popularity of these fun instruments, this particular model is also a firm favourite for amateurs and professional players. Along with the added attraction of this cute instrument’s sonic versatility is, like all Laka ukes, its extreme portability. How can a uke with a body this size play and sound so good? Because it’s made the way only Laka know how. With a solid sapele top and sapele body, a tonewood specifically chosen for its fast note response and tonal characteristics, the VUC30 Concert Ukulele with a mahogany headstock, black open-geared tuners and smooth satin finish, is alive and vibrant, living up to the original ‘jumping flea’ theme behind the name ukulele. Specification • Top: Solid Sapele • Back & Sides: Sapele • Headstock: Mahogany • Machines: Open Gear, Black • Strings: Aquila • Finish: Satin • Laka Carry Bag Included Concert Ukulele Tuning: G, C, E, A