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Reverend Gil Parris Signature GPS - Midnight Black

275.500 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: GPSG-MDBK

The Reverend Gil Parris Signature GPS - here presented in Midnight Black with Roasted Maple fretboard and neck - is the latest fruit in the collaboration between Reverend Guitars and multi-genre genius, Gil Parris. More obviously Strat-style than the previous Gil Parris Signature model, this guitar is nevertheless packed with Reverend innovation. It also now comes loaded with a set of Fishman Fluence Single-Width pickups. Controlled via a push/pull switch, these pups shape-shift between authentic vintage sweetness and clarity, while simultaneously allowing full-fat “Hot Texas” punch. The Reverend Gil Parris GPS is now available from Merchant City Music, online and in our Glasgow store. We are among the world’s largest Reverend dealers, offering an unrivalled range - in stock and ready to ship at all times. Every guitar we sell is fully set up and carefully packaged, ensuring you receive the best possible example. We offer worldwide shipping, servicing the needs of Reverend players at every corner of the globe.