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Nuvo DooD klarinett.

7.300 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: N430DWBL

Með þessu hljóðfæri gefst þeim allra yngstu tækifæri á að geta spilað á á hljóðfæri þar sem tónnin er framkallaður með "blaði" líkt og gerist við klarinettuleik. The NUVO Dood is a brand new concept for single reed music education. A natural next step for a child playing the recorder, the Dood is a great way to introduce single-reed skills at an early age. With it’s mellow clarinet-like sound, the Dood makes a great addition to any recorder ensemble. The Dood has recorder-like fingering with a simple yet durable key system that helps small fingers to cover the holes. The instrument is in the key of C and is fully chromatic over one octave with extra notes in the second register. There are 100’s of tunes you can play with the Dood and you can find many familiar and new ones in WindStars. The Dood uses the same mouthpiece and reed system as the Clarinéo. Two NUVO resin reeds a fingering chart and a case are included. Fully waterproof so can be washed frequently with warm soapy water. You may also want to try the synthetic reed by Légère which fits all NUVO instruments.