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Yamaha Flute YFL-272

139.900 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: 7600YFL272

The Yamaha YFL-272 is ideal for beginners and can take you to grade 7/8 level. You can use it as your first flute, but you will find it is also suitable as a step up instrument. It is quite capable of being used in both solo and group work effectively. Yamaha have improved their manufacturing over their 35 years of flute making to incorporate hand made techniques which make their flutes reliable and made to a high standard. Hand made techniques Reliable and made to a high standard. Silver plated headjoint offers a clean sound that can be projected easily (YFL272) The addition of a solid silver lip plate and riser offers the player a full-bodied sound with an incredible richness and array of tonal colours (YFL272SL) Headjoint is cut to improve response and breath utilization. French pointed arms and drawn and curled tone holes also featured on their professional range to improve precision and response Drawn and curled tone holes Optimized pads create a better seal and improve the instruments longevity. Offset G and split E mechanism are included for comfort and ease of play. Open holes to aid a good hand position