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John Packer JP243 Bb Soprano Saxophone

189.700 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: JP243

As an advanced student this is an ideal soprano saxophone to use to take you through the higher grades. But if you are more advanced or professional player looking for a second instrument to use or explore soprano saxophone solos, saxophone bands or saxophone choirs, then the JP243 is certainly an instrument you would find very adequate for your needs. Crafted from high grade 80:20 brass as a one piece brass body and bell, the JP243 also features high quality components: Rust resistant blue steel springs for improved response and better tension memory Italian leather pads to create a great seal for a fuller projected sound Resonator pads improves projection and depth of tone Front F and high F# keys Floating plate design for left hand little finger Adjustable thumb rest to help with a more natural and comfortable hand position Sling ring Enhanced appearance with engraving and abalone pearls All JP Instruments are covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Please note this does not cover aesthetic or finish faults.