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Sire Marcus Miller V7 (2nd Gen) bassi, Bright Metallic Red

102.900 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: V7 ALDER-4 BMR

SIRE ALL-AROUND FLAGSHIP BASS Being the flagship Sire bass model, V7 is innovatively set to produce Marcus Miller's signature sound. It is equipped with versatile and concise hardware and electronics suited for all playing styles and techniques. Built using durable materials for body and neck bearing rolled fretboard edges, this model can be your go-to bass. FEATURES - Equipped with advanced pickups with a full set of EQ controls, the V7 is a machine that can deliver a clean and deep tonal palette for more personalized tones. - Complementing wood materials for body- Ash and Alder and neck- hard maple with rolled fretboard edges make the standard Sire J bass long playing-ready.