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Sire Marcus Miller P7 ASH-4 bassi, White Burst

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Vörunúmer: P7 SWAMP ASH-4 WB

Sire P7-WB is a Marcus Miller bass guitar with its Swamp Ash body and white blonde body color. This model is made with this particular tonewood as it provides the player an excellent amount of durability, amplification and full-bodied resonant property. The Marcus PJ- revolution set provided in this series as it an upgraded pickup set and allows the user to create a special tone from the precision bass and vintage sound from jazz bass tones. Sire P7-WB is equipped with the Marcus Miller Sire bridge so as to encapsulate the properties of vintage jazz bass along with heavy mass saddle to produce a rich and punchy tone. Based on the quality of the elasticity and material, the quality of the nut can be degraded or improved, so to improve the quality of the sound it is made with a bone nut. Apart from these exciting features Sire, P7-WB has more features to be explored.