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Zoom PodTrak P8

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Vörunúmer: P8

PODCASTING SIMPLIFIED The Zoom PodTrak P8 is easy to use and can handle the most ambitious podcasts. With all the functions you need to record, edit and mix, the PodTrak P8 is your complete podcast studio. TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLS The color touchscreen interface makes monitoring, adjusting and onboard editing seamless. Everything you need is a touch away. Limiter The Limiter is used to prevent distortion if the volume suddenly gets too loud. Low Cut The Low Cut reduces low frequency noise that is present in almost any recording environment, whether it’s air conditioning, street sounds, vibrations, and other sources. Tone Adjustment The Tone Adjustment can make your voice darker or brighter, for that perfect podcast voice. Compressor/DeEsser Compressor/DeEsser enables your voice to have more presence for that perfect studio podcast sound. Noise Reduction In the On Air screen select Noise Reduction to decrease background noise by automatically turning down the mic levels for tracks not in use. CRYSTAL-CLEAR RECORDING The PodTrak P8 features six of Zoom’s best-sounding mic inputs, providing pristine audio for you and your guests. With up to 70dB of gain the P8 can handle the most demanding microphones.* The P8 features a dedicated channel for recording phone calls. Channel six can be switched to USB mode to record your guests from your computer. Both options include a Mix-Minus feature to prevent echo and feedback for the caller. Make your podcast sound professional by triggering sound effects, intro music, jingles, pre-recorded interviews and more, with nine multi-colored sound pads. Choose from 13 pre-loaded sounds or load your own. Create up to four banks of sounds for a total of 36 sound clips at your fingertipsnánar