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Nord Drum 3P

111.900 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: 10720

The super compact new Nord Drum 3P combines stunning playability with unlimited sound design possibilities! New features include integrated multi-pad, Reverb and Delay effects, a simplified sound selection mode and new Sound Banks for quickly creating custom kits on the fly. MAIN FEATURES 6-channel Modeling Percussion Synthesizer Integrated multipad, kick pad input and MIDI Simplified user interface with easy sound selection New preset 'Drum Select' library for kicks, snares, toms and more Advanced sound engine with Resonant Synthesis, Subtractive synthesis and FM-synthesis Reverb and Delay Effects - adjustable amount for each pad Drive, Sample-Rate reduction, Ring Modulation and EQ-effects for each pad MIDI in/out and full CC-control Stereo Output with improved output level Headphone Output with improved output level