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AER Domino 2.A

295.300 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: AER DOMINO 2A

2 x 60 watt amplifier multi-channel. Four inputs for more power, greater dynamic range and a 'safety headroom' on larger stages. Two 60 watt amplifiers with two 8" twin-cone speakers and dome tweeters ensure assertiveness. • High-end DI-out to foH system • 16 onboard effects The effect component can be assigned to all channels via the PAN controller. • At 12.8 kg, it is still portable, and well protected thanks to the lined sleeve included • 3 band EQ with center grid for each channel Recommended are: acoustic guitar, voice, wind instruments, mandolins, cellos, harp, oud, trad. Chinese instruments, instruments that need more enforcement.