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Acoustic Magnarar

AER Compact 60/4

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Vörunúmer: AER COMPACT 60/4

Einfaldlega vinsælasti acoustic magnarinn hjá okkkur. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Two independent channels for instrument and z. B. high quality condenser microphones. Channel 2 provides 48-V phantom power. For channel 1, 9 V phantom power can be switched on in order to supply your pickup system with the required voltage. A customized 8 “twin cone loudspeaker and 60 watts RMS output power, sufficient to dynamically and powerfully amplify your instrument in every rehearsal room and on club stages. • High-end DI-out to the FOH system • 4 onboard effects: short reverb, long reverb, delay, chorus The effect can be added to each channel via a PAN control. • 7 kg light weight, transportable in all public transports and also as hand luggage on airplanes. • Independent 3/2-band EQ • All AER amplifiers are delivered with a high quality padded gigbag. Recommended are: Acoustic guitar, voice, wind instruments, mandolins, oud, traditional Chinese instruments, mouth harp, but also cellos and electrical instruments AER