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RØDE Vlogger Kit USB-C edition með VideoMicMe-C míkrófón, -20% Sumartilboð

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Vörunúmer: VLOGVMMC

The USB-C Vlogger Kit contains everything you need to get professional results when filming using your USB-C equipped mobile phone. The VideoMic Me-C microphone connects directly to your device, delivering crisp, clear, directional sound for any application. The SmartGrip secures your device firmly in place for stable recording and connects seamlessly to the Tripod 2 for either handheld or tabletop use, while the MicroLED ensures all your shots are perfectly lit. The Vlogger Kit comes with a mic clip to ensure the mic is secure and a furry windshield suitable for filming in outdoor and adverse weather conditions. The VideoMic Me-C is compatible with most mobile devices that have a USB-C input and the latest Android operating system (Android OS 10 or higher). Complete mobile filmmaking kit Directional sound pickup to reduce background noise MicroLED light offers over four hours operation on a single charge Three-position tripod for handheld or static use Gimbal tripod head for accurate camera positioning All-metal mount with rubberised grips for phone 65mm to 85mm wide. ATH. Farsími á mynd fylgir ekki með.