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Bogner Wessex (Rupert Neve Transformers) Overdrive Pedal

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Vörunúmer: WESSEX

Delivering classic low gain growl to rich modern scorch, the Bogner Wessex overdrive pedal with its 100% analog circuit gets its extraordinary dimensional range from a custom transformer designed by legendary audio pioneer Mr. Rupert Neve. Whether you want to give your clean amp some muscle or juice up your vintage amp’s gain, flick the tone-altering Enhance/Neutral switch to find your own dirty nirvana. True bypass Controls: level, gain, treble and bass E/N switch: Selects between normal and enhanced mode (extended bass and sweet highs) Interactive Jewel light reacts to your playing dynamics Rupert Neve Designs audio transformer Jacks: input, output 9VDC power-connector, 50mA or more