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Distortion og Fuzz

Vemuram Myriad, Fuzz

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Vörunúmer: VEMYR

The Myriad took more than 2 years to complete with Josh Smith's inspirational idea. It is a mixture of the Myriad Fuzz, an Effect Loop and a Mixer that can do literally "Myriad" of combinations. The fuzz can be switched between 2 outputs and lets you mix the loop and the fuzz if the signal is in the wet chain. The Mix can be controlled by the red knob at the center of the pedal or by an expression pedal. A unique fuzz that employs both Germanium and Silicon transistors, it goes from fire breathing silicon to cool warm germanium easily. It cleans up just like the vintage fuzzes but it is more dynamic and organic. It goes from spitty to smooth driven sounds and also has a large amount of volume on tap, plus a tone circuit that allows it to work really well in live situations. The Myriad can plug into 2 amps to let you achieve countless options with other effects, a new generation concept with Myriad of combinations. "The Myriad is the end result of years of ideas and exploration. I wanted a way to be creative in a two amp situation, this pedal cracks the code on creativity by giving you literally myriad of routing options and possibilities. Plus in my opinion the best fuzz pedal in the world." - Josh Smith Controls Wet-lv (fuzz)+loop, mix, fuzz-lv, fuzz, tone, feel, switch out2-gnd, switch fuzz, germanium bias, switch loop phase, out2 phase.