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L.R.Baggs Align Equalizer

29.900 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: ALIGN-E

Based on the circuit of the esteemed Para Acoustic DI, the Align Equalizer combines our signature, high-graded FET gain stage with powerful tone-shaping EQ that injects richness and balance to any acoustic pickup signal. A 6-band EQ shapes the frequencies we found most useful for improving acoustic guitar pickups with the flexibility needed to cover other acoustic instruments effectively. Multi-instrumentalists can incorporate dedicated EQ pedals for level matching a variety of instruments and tailoring a specific EQ for each one. FEATURES 6-band EQ for meticulous tone sculpting Variable high-pass filter for best sound and feedback control Phase inversion for both passive and active pickups 3 position gain switch for easy level control Garret Null notch filter tames resonant feedback L.R.Baggs