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Radial PZ-PRO, 2-Chanel Acoustic Preamp

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Vörunúmer: PZ-PRO

2 channel acoustic instrument preamp with separate EQs Piezo input boosters available on both channels XLR input with available phantom power on channel 2 Assignable FX loop with wet/dry control Mission control for your acoustic setup The PZ-Pro is designed for instrumentalists and performers who take a no-compromise approach when it comes to tone, both on stage and in the recording studio. Dual input channels allow you to switch between or blend together two sources, with full control over the sound of each input. Each channel has its own semi-parametric equalizer section and input level, along with individual filter controls to reduce feedback on stage. The second channel of the PZ-Pro also features a microphone input to allow any dynamic or condenser microphone to be used, including clip-on instrument mics or even vocal microphones. An FX Loop with a wet/dry knob provides the ability to blend in as much or as little pedal effects as desired, with a footswitch to bring them in and out of the signal chain at a moment's notice. Finally, once your tone is completely dialed-in, balanced XLR direct outs feed the PA system or a recording interface, with both Pre-EQ and Post-EQ outputs available.