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ReedGeek Universal Classic Tool

12.900 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: RGUCL

ReedGeek Tools enhance reed performance by rapidly and accurately flattening reed tables. Ready to use Portable and safe for air travel Produce immediate results at any playing level Create superior sounding reeds Reeds last longer and are more reliable during performances Reeds can be used right out of the box with ReedGeek adjustment The Geek that started it all! The ReedGeek Classic is machined with four very crisp planing edges which make it exceptional for maintaining (single) reed flatness and removing cane from all reeds (single & double) rapidly and precisely . Other features include two rail adjustors, the pencil eraser radius tip for pin-point precision adjustments and a square back for scraping and profiling. With an extremely high Rockwell hardness, the ReedGeek Classic now undergoes a proprietary Chromium medical-grade process to enhance corrosion-resistance and edge-retention longevity. With all of these indispensable features, the Classic will give its owner consistently great-playing reeds! Encased in the ReedGeek self-locking neoprene bag and case, instructions included.