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K&M borðstatíf fyrir farsíma, 19746

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Vörunúmer: 19746-000-55

With this universal holder your smartphone is always within reach. The holder is suitable for all flat devices with a width of 60 to 84 mm. The operation is simple and fast. Insert smartphone - press clamping jaws together - done. The device is released at the push of a button. The clamping jaws with integrated rubber pads guarantee a secure hold. The exchangeable support bars with different depths can be individually adapted to the smartphone so that the function of the operating elements on the device is not impaired. Thanks to the flexible ball joint, the holder can be tilted up and down, and rotated 360°. The flexible support arm with a length of 100 mm provides additional individual setting. An attractive metal base with non-slip rubber pads provides excellent stability. Base dimensions: 147.5 x 144 mm Height: 168 mm Leg construction: Flat steel plate Material: Steel Special features: Particularly suitable for smartphones, flat devices and MP3 players; operating elements are not impaired in their function; freely rotates 360°; flexible holding arm for individual alignment Weight: 1.42 kg Width: From 60 to 84 mm