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MEINL æfingaplatti, orange, 12"

8.900 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: MMP12OR

Practice quietly and build muscle at any hour. The Meinl Marshmallow Pad has a specially formulated, super thick foam surface that provides rebound with ultra-low volume. This means you can drop the decibels while practicing without losing a bouncy feel. Work on rudiments, dial-in technique or just chop out while not disturbing anyone around you. The solid modern composite base is padded on the underside so you can play the pad on any surface. The Meinl Marshmallow Pad is equipped with an 8 mm threaded insert to mount on a cymbal stand. Medium rebound from special "Marshmallow" foam surface Mountable on cymbal stands Non-slip composite base Fits any snare stand