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Fishman Signatire Series Greg Koch Grisle Tone 6-String Pickup Set

58.900 kr Ekki á lager

Vörunúmer: PRF-TEL-GK1

FLUENCE SIGNATURE GREG KOCH GRISTLE-TONE PICKUP SET FEATURES: 1 lead and 1 rhythm direct replacement pickups for Telecaster® guitars Completely assembled, pre-wired, drop-in control plate that includes: – 3-way switch – Volume and Tone pots – Push-push Voice Selector button – Fluence rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack Replacement “jack cup” with ¼” audio and USB charging jacks Installs without permanent modifications* Hum-free, Fluence Multi-Voice tone Middle/Both position accurately reproduces the shift in resonance that occurs when using two passive pickups in parallel, compared to either Neck or Bridge pickup by itself.