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RAT Performer3 nótnastatíf

10.900 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: 90Q1

The Performer 3 Stand is designed to be the toughest and most durable music stand on the market. This stand allows for musicians to enjoy the best in quality and design, at an affordable price, to support new heights of artistic performance. The injection moulded tray is virtually unbreakable, and the honeycomb back adds great strength and stability.The Performer 3 tray is made of a polypropylene which does not ‘ring’ when knocked, preventing any unwanted noise. It has smoothly rounded edges all over, making it safe to handle, and kind to instruments.The quick release tray lever enables the music desk to be removed for storage.This also allows for the desk to be replaced with a clear plastic BioScreen panel. The tray can be adjusted easily and fully adjustable friction locks will automatically hold it at the desired angle. The screw at the top of the stem enables the stem friction to be altered, giving the musician full control of adjustment for when they are using a small folder of music, to a heavy library of scores. The steel stem is extremely strong and rigid, ensuring that this stand will not sway. Fully adjustable friction locks will automatically hold the stand at the desired height, without the requirement of adjusting any thumb screws or levers. The base is made from tubular steel for strength and rigidity, without excess weight.This allows the stand to be used and moved around easily. Rubber feet preserve the floor and prevent clatter if the stand is knocked.