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Slide-O-Mix hreinsisett, lítið/rautt

4.300 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: SOM5

The stainless steel Cleaning Rod is plastic-covered and has at it's front end a thread with a removable protective cap. The flexible brush can be screwed onto the cleaning rod. It can be used for the periodical wet cleaning of the outer slide and the tubes of the inner slide. With this brush you also can clean the mouth pipe very intensive. The towelling sheaths allow you to give your trombone slide, especially the outer slide, an occasionally quick dry clean. Because the cleaning rod is completely covered by the sheath, the outer slide is protected against damages. The sheaths are available in two sizes: With a RED toweling sheath for small to medium trombones (up to 13,34mm bore) With a BLUE toweling sheath for wide tenor up to bass trombones