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Moog SR Series Case Grandmother

37.900 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: RES-SR-GRAND

Moog SR Series Cases are here to safeguard your Moog Grandmother synthesizer where you need it most and ensure your sound travels far and wide. Developed with artists for artists. Musicians report the most important performance a case can offer are protection from impact and protection from water-in that order. With that in mind, Moog SR Series Cases have been developed to be the first line of defense for your synthesizer. Moog SR Series Cases feature generous padding around a semi-rigid ABS shell, a rugged Ballistic Cordura outer that resists tears and abrasions, and laminated water-resistant zippers to offer on-the-go protection and safe storage for your instrument. Multiple strap and handle configurations keep your commute comfortable, and multifunction pockets ensure you're organized on arrival. Moog SR Series Cases are a perfect fit for your Moog Grandmother synthesizer. Features Semi-Rigid ABS Shell Water-Resistant Laminated Zippers