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K&M stacker fyrir 18810 hljómborðsstatíf, 18811

18.600 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: 18811.016.55

The ideal complement to keyboard stands »Omega-E« 18800, »Omega« 18810 and »Omega Pro« 18820 to use a second keyboard or laptop. Bigger master keyboards can be placed on the large lower support arms. The depth of the upper support arms can be adjusted to 4 positions, so the lower keyboard remains visible. The desired height of the stacker can be set easily and quickly using the spring-loaded clamping knob. 10 different heights allow each user to be able to find a position that best suits his/her needs. To optimize the position the upper support arms can be adjusted in 5 steps from 0° (horizontal) to a 20° angle. Self-adhesive rubber pads ensure that the instrument is not damaged and stays in place. The stacker is also the basis for an extension to a third level. By removing the back cover, the stacker 18822 can be inserted to take a third keyboard. Angle of inclination: 0° to 20° Height: From 262 to 375 mm Height adjustment: Spring-loaded clamping knob Instrument support: Non-marring slip-proof material Material: Steel Max. load capacity: 25 kg Product Category: Topline Special features: Attachable to table-style keyboard stands »Omega-E« 18800, »Omega« 18810, »Omega Pro« 18820 to hold an additional keyboard, laptop or midi controller; convenient height adjustment by spring-loaded locking knob; can be tilted in 5 different positions from 0° (horizontal) to 20°; 4-way adjustable in depth Support depth: 330 mm Weight: 4 kg