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K&M alhlið hagnýtur standur fyrir hin ýmsu tæki, 18826

26.900 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: 18826.000.55

Practical all-rounder stand! The equipment stand 18826 is very versatile. Whether it is used for a mixer, monitor, keyboard or amplifier, equipment is secure on our stable stand. Setup is uncomplicated - without the use of tools. The height of each support arm can be adjusted between 595 mm and 1015 mm with the help of user-friendly clamp-screws. Both of the front rubber end caps can be adjusted on their axis and as such can be adjusted perfectly to the equipment width. Simple handling and transport-friendly package dimensions make this stand ideal for travel. Typical for K&M is the solid workmanship and the durable steel construction. Adjustment: Interlocking braces Height: From 595 to 1,015 mm Material: Steel Max. load capacity: 50 kg Product Category: Topline Shape: Keyboard table Size when folded: 395 x 105 x 595 mm Special features: Suitable for mixer, monitor, keyboard or amplifier; adjustable end cap to stabilize the stand on uneven surfaces Support depth: 350 mm Support width: From 250 to 840 mm Weight: 7.069 kg