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Dark Glass Tone Capsule

39.500 kr Á lager
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Vörunúmer: DTC

Controls Bass +-12dB @70Hz (potentiometer included). Mids +-12dB @500Hz (potentiometer included). Hi Mids +-12dB 2.8kHz (potentiometer included). Technical Specifications Input Impedance: 500k Output Impedance: 1k Current Consumption: ~2.4mA 9V-18V operation The Tone Capsule can function with either one or two batteries in series for 9V or 18V operation respectively (battery clips not included). Dimensions Width: 42 mm / 1,65″ Length: 25 mm / 1″ Height: 12,5 mm / 0,5″ Cable length: ~10cm / 4″ Pots: 50 KB