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K&M gítarstatíf fyrir 4 gítara/bassa, 17065

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Vörunúmer: 17605.000.00

Have you ever inadvertently left your guitar on top of a cable or jack plug? It simply cannot happen with this unique four guitar stand. The newly developed guitar stand is the ideal stage companion, but it also does a superb job in the studio or at home. Thanks to the moveable hanger and easy height adjustment, up to 4 acoustic, electric and bass guitars are always easy to hand and ready for playing. Even unusually shaped guitars can be stored safely. Large soft foam rolls protect the guitars from inadvertent knocks or bumps. The "fit-for-tour" steel tube construction is stable and durable. The base legs can be folded with little effort into a compact and flat package for transport. The translucent (colorless) support arms are suitable for all kinds of guitar lacquers, including nitro lacquer. Discoloration from the stand to the guitar does not occur. Adjustment: In 3 steps Base dimensions: 660 x 350 mm Height: From 1,030 to 1,185 mm Instrument support: Non-marring plastic material Material: Steel Rod combination: 2-piece folding design Special features: Suitable for 4 guitars; also for special V- and X-shaped guitar models; also suitable for guitars with attached cable connectors and straps; foldable for transport Suitable for: Acoustic and electric guitars Weight: 4.79 kg Yoke: Fixed