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K&M gítarstatíf fyrir 4 gítara, 17534

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Vörunúmer: 17534.016.00

The Guardian keeps one acoustic and 3 electric guitars safe, saves space and keeps instruments clearly arranged for musicians. Special cushioned pads ensure secure, anti-scratch storage of guitars. The flexible protective bars stop the guitars from turning and protect them from unintentional knocks when being picked up or put down. Thanks to its innovative folding mechanism, the Guardian can be carried comfortably and even be stored upright. Highly flexible arms with integrated pick holders protect the guitars and guarantee “unobstructed” strings. Its advantageous slim means that the Guardian can be positioned right next to the wall to save space. In addition, the translucent elements prevent discolouration of nitro lacquer guitars by the stand. An optional caster set 17510 is also available for additional mobility. Base dimensions: 626 x 335 mm Height: 700 mm Instrument support: Non-marring plastic material Material: Plastic Size when folded: 626 x 670 x 173 mm Special features: Protective bars prevent damage from bumps or knocking; holds the guitar’s neck without touching the strings; integrated pick holders Suitable for: 1 acoustic and 3 electric guitars Type: Black with translucent support elements Weight: 3.7 kg