Swart Space Tone Trem 5w

The STR-Tremolo will have the same soul and basic circuit as the STR-Tweed, just with:

- The addition of a great tremolo stage (along with same quality Reverb stage).

- The addition of a 3 way EQ Switch that makes the STR-Trem more flexible.

- As stock in the original STR "Tuxedo" 60s style cab & a limited run of AST Style Tweed cabs.

Push comes to shove, I think the STR-Tremolo does have a touch less gain than the STR-Treed as the Tremolo section will take place of the extra gain stage in half of the 12AX7. On the other hand, it will still have much of the STR-Tweed's great tone, immediacy, growl, and touch sensitivity. Drop in the Atomic Boost, and you get it back and more. I really dig this amp and have been playing it daily since we finally got it off the bench.

- 5W CLASS A ~ Single-Ended Output

- Zero Negative Feedback

- 100% Tube Circuit - GZ34 or 5Y3 Valve Rectifier

- Big Swart Tube - Spring Tank Reverb - Foot Switchable

- Swart Tube Tremolo - Foot Switchable

- 3 way EQ Switch ~ Full, Natural, Low Cut

- Powered by choice of 6V6 ~ 6L6 (shod w/6V6)

- JJ 12AX7(2) - JJ 12DW7 - EH 6V6GT - JJ GZ34 Rectifier

- Point to Point Hand Wired Circuit

- Cathode Biased (no need to bias)

- Carbon Comp Resistors ~ Mallory Caps

- Cloth Hook-Up Wire

- Hi/Lo Input for High & Low powered Pickups

- Heaters referenced to ground

- Standby Switch for tube warm-up, extending tube life

- All Swart Amplifiers employ Star Grounding

- 4/8 ohm 1/4" Out - Drive other Speaker/Cabinet

- Switchcraft 1/4 inch inputs and output

- CTS Potentiometers

- Custom High Quality USA Built Swart Spec Iron

- Speaker: 12" Mojotone BV-30H ~ 8 ohm

- Finger-Jointed, solid Pine Cabs w/Two Build Options

- Vintage Jewel Lamp ~ Circuit Fuse Protected

- Two-Button Footswitch for on/off Reverb & Tremolo

- Dimensions: 17" W x 9" D X 16 3/4" H (w/feet) ~ 29lbs
270.000 kr
Öll verð eru birt með fyrirvara um verðbreytingar og innsláttarvillur.