Jupiter 587GL Tenór Saxófónn

Extremely popular student model that includes many intermediate features, detachable bell and backpack style case.

The JAS567 is robust and produces a good sound. The left-hand palm keys are slightly smaller in size, making it more comfortable for smaller hands. Very well balanced and easy to play, the JAS-567GL has many additions that you would expect to see on a mid-range instrument. Excellent quality at a very competitive price, this instrument is extremely reliable and good value for money.


- Key: Bb

- Finish: Drawn yellow Brass

- Hand hammered and detachable bell

- High F# key

- Front F

- Powerforged brass

- Adjustable articulation G#

- Adjustable vent on low Bb, B, C, D#

- Tempered springs

- Hand seated pads and balanced keywork. Individually tested performance

- Full Gold Lacquer

- Includes: Backpack Case
188.100 kr
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