George L's Effects Board kit

Quality sound One of the most over-looked ways to increase your sound quality is with better cables. Remember your signal chain is only as good as the weakest link. George L's Guitar Cables use high-end cables and connectors to create the best signal possible. George L's cables will even help reduce unwanted hum and noise in your signal chain. Wire up your pedalboard with the George L's Effects Cable Kit and notice the difference in your sound today!

Low capacitance cable George L's uses low capacitance co-ax cable, this gives them as clear and uncolored a sound as possible. The higher the capacitance of a cable the more it gives you a muddy sound by killing your highs. We've all plugged into cable that have sounded muddy and nasty, George L's guitar cable ensure that you won't have that problem again. Keep the signal chain as short and as clean as possible with the George L's Effects Cable Kit.

Solderless plugs No mess, no fuss, George L's Effects Cable Kit is fast and easy to use. You'll love the solderless plugs when creating your cables. Just slip the cable into the plug, screw down the end cap, and you're done! Yep, it is that easy. No more soldering iron, flux, nasty smelling smoke, or burning yourself. This kit is so easy to use you can do it at the gig. Great sounding and easy to build cables are what makes the George L's Effects Cable Kit a must have!

George L's Cable Kit Features: Low capacitance co-ax cable Ten feet of cable 10 solderless plugs Black cable with nickel-plated plugs High-end plugs with lifetime warranty
12.400 kr
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