Dave Smith Tetra

Four Multitimbral Voices of Analog Power Tetra takes the award-winning sound and features of Mopho, multiplies them by four, and packs them in a box less than half an inch larger!

Tetra has multiple personalities. It is a four-voice, analog poly synth, a sort of “mini Prophet.” It’s a four-part, multitimbral synth with separate outputs, essentially four Mophos in one very compact box. And it’s a voice expander for other Tetras or the Prophet ’08.

Affordable, fully programmable poly synth with a 100% analog signal path. Classic, real analog sound—including legendary Curtis analog low-pass filter. Four-part multitimbral capability with four separate outputs. Combo Mode for huge unison patches, stacked sequences, and “modular-style” poly sounds. Expandable: poly chain with other Tetras, Prophet ’08, and Mopho for expanded polyphony Just 7.9″ x 5″ (20.07 cm x 12.7 cm).

109.000 kr
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