ART Dual 31 Band EQ

The new ART XL 231 Dual 31 Band, 1/3 Octave Extended Long Throw Professional Equalizer has been designed and engineered to exceed extremely high standards for audio performance and functionality. This innovative, high-quality equalizer is perfect for virtually any audio application where precision frequency tailoring, reliable performance, rugged design and extremely silent processing are of the utmost priority.

Active Filter Sections The XL 231 features active filter sections, which incorporate a constant-Q design. This constant-Q design, with its accurate precision center frequencies, ensures that the bandwidth of every individual filter will be narrow enough to prevent unnecessary interaction between adjacent filters, yet still create an equalization curve wide enough to produce the exact and precise processing of audio frequencies the user seeks. Filter circuitry incorporates high quality low noise components including 1% resistors, and, precision high performance 2% film capacitors.

71.500 kr
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